E.ON physically provides electricity to the home. Contact them to establish service.

Elskling allows you to compare prices among electricity suppliers. E.ON will ask you to choose one of these providers to buy your electricity.

Our household electricity costs average approximately 2000 SEK per month.

Water, Sewer, and Garbage

VA SYD provides water, sewer, and garbage services.

Pricing as of 2020 for water and sewer consists of a fixed fee of 2871 SEK per year (898+1143+830) plus a fee of 11.67 SEK per cubic meter of water.

There are three garbage cans for waste (#1, #2, and a Green Waste can). The #1 and #2 cans are each divided into four compartments to separate and recycle your waste. The Green Waste can is for garden waste. You will find the emptying schedule online after you set up service. Pricing as of 2020 for garbage is 995 SEK per year for each of the #1 and #2 cans (1990 SEK total) and 690 SEK per year for the Green Waste can.

TV & Internet

Sydantenn provides TV and internet services. The home has fiber offering both download and upload speeds of up to 1000 Mbps with no data transfer limit. Pricing as of 2020 for approximately 20 TV channels and 1000 Mbps internet service is 385 SEK per month.