General Qualifications
  • Income before taxes at least 3x rent
  • History of paying rent/mortgage and bills on time
  • No payment remarks or collections (inga betalningsanmärkningar)
  • 2 years verifiable rent or ownership history
  • No evictions
Acceptable Income Sources

The following income sources are accepted:

  • employment income
  • self-employment income
  • pension income

The following income sources are not accepted:

  • aktivitetsersättning
  • föräldrapenning
  • sjukpenning
  • sjukersättning
  • CSN
  • A-kassa
  • försörjningsstöd
  • aktivitetsstöd
  • etablerings- eller utvecklingsersättning
  • barnbidrag
  • underhållsbidrag/-stöd
  • bostadsbidrag

Submission Instructions

1) Please read the House Rules in English or Swedish, which will be included in the rental agreement. If you have any questions or concerns about the conditions and requirements, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

2) Complete and submit the online rental application.

3) Email all applicable supporting documentation below to:

Employed or Retired
  • color copy or photo of driver license or identification for each adult applicant
  • copy of employment contract or employment verification
  • copy of 3 most recent pay stubs (lönespecifikationer)
  • copy of 12 most recent bank statements (must show salary/pension deposits and rent/mortgage payments)
  • copy of most recent two years of tax declarations
  • copy of pension benefit statement, if applicable (utbetalningsplan)
  • color copy or photo of driver license or identification for each adult applicant
  • company registration documents (must have been active for at least 3 years)
  • current income statement and balance sheet of business
  • documentation verifying personal salary payments withdrawn from the company
  • copy of most recent two years of personal tax declarations
  • copy of 12 most recent personal bank statements (must show rent/mortgage payments)
  • copy of 12 most recent business bank statements

4) Credit report(s) and police record(s) will be ordered. A fee of 29 SEK for each adult applicant is required to obtain credit reports. By submitting an application, you give us permission to obtain employment and housing references from your current and previous employers and landlords.